Solid & Grid collection

In designing our Solid & Grid collection, we set out to create a style-defining, recurring graphical structure for furniture and home accessories. We were aiming for a pattern that looks light and elegant while offering sturdy durability. And we achieved this with a diagonally cut grid made of steel. After we came up with our first models featuring diagonal slits, we designed several solid versions as well. All furniture and home accessories in the Solid & Grid collection are precisely cut using a laser and covered with a durable powder coating.

Oak collection

Oak – hardly any other type of wood stands for so many positive qualities. Featuring warm golden tones and a distinctive grain, oak is a robust favorite for creating products that last. All of these characteristics can be found in the furniture and home accessories of the weld & co Oak collection. Elements made of powder-coated steel underscore the wood’s many charms, making the furniture and home accessories of the Oak collection into sturdy, unique, and timeless products.

Reclaimed Wood collection

The weld & co Reclaimed Wood collection aims to preserve old materials by using them to make something new. Naturally aged wood is used to create furniture and home accessories that also feature elegant components made of powder-coated steel. These two elements unite to produce an attractive aesthetic that makes a clear statement. Natural materials weather and age with time, resulting in a completely new look and feel. When combined with robust new materials, they create furniture which is truly timeless.

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