Solid 03 Side Table white

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Sheet steel and round iron bars with powder coating

Ø 40 cm, 40 cm high

Purchase includes:
Side table


Made of metal, the small, round Solid 03 Side Table has an extremely flexible nature. Next to your couch, it offers the perfect spot to set your coffee cup, wineglass, or beer bottle; beside your bed, it holds your book and a glass of water – in short, it’s a practical helper wherever you choose to place it.

The materials we selected for the Solid 03 Side Table – sheet steel and round iron bars – make it heavy enough to stand steady even on high pile carpets.

At a height of 40 cm, our Solid 03 Side Table is perfect for nesting with the Solid 01 and Grid 01 Side Tables. So you can create attractive coffee table groupings indoors and garden table groupings outdoors.

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