weld & co stands for furniture and home accessories from East Westphalia, a region of Germany with a rich furniture-making tradition. 

Each design is based on a unique idea that recognizes the importance of both form and function. With its clean lines, the design language focuses on the essentials.

The materials are selected not only for their practicality, but because they complement the design. weld & co combines artisan craftsmanship with industrial production to manufacture our products in the region.

In 2014 interior and product designer Manuel Welsky founded weld & co in the German town of Bad Oeynhausen. Responsible for marketing and sales, Mira M. Hische joined the management team of weld & co at the beginning of 2016.

“In my designs, I aim to showcase contrasts while focusing on the essentials.”
Manuel Welsky

“I’m committed to making a success of good design.”
Mira M. Hische

The weld & co portfolio includes furniture, home accessories, and customized room concepts. We focus on author design, all products are designed by Manuel Welsky.

In making our products we rely on resources from our region, which has a deeply rooted furniture-making tradition. This makes it quick and easy to coordinate and exchange ideas with our production partners.

Our preferred materials are steel, oak, and reclaimed wood – which provide a rich contrast when used in combination. We see steel as an expression of the durability and lasting quality that our products stand for, while wood, as a natural material, serves as a distinctive counterpoint. We only use naturally weathered wood planks for our reclaimed wood furniture, skillfully combined with slender steel components.

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